Our farm market is closed for the summer but you can still order online, while supplies last!
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The Farm

Urban Oasis Hydroponic Farm is committed to providing fresh, organic vegetables to the local Tampa Bay community. 

We Stand For:
Our vision is healthy communities with access to better food options. 
Our mission is to help communities gain access to locally grown, fresh vegetables that are higher in nutrition, either through the produce and products we sell or by helping them grow their own.
We value Transparency, High Standards, Relationships, & Community


Urban Oasis Hydroponic Farm's produce is grown using organic methods with no chemicals. 

Because we are a vertical hydroponic farm, we don't use soil. Instead we use coconut coir, a 100% natural by-product of harvesting coconut. The coarse fibers taken from the husk of the outer shell of coconut provide a light, airy, and spacious environment for roots. Coco coir also has an incredible water retention capacity, so water and nutrients are kept close to the roots instead of just draining away. 

Additionally, seasonality and polyculture play a huge role in the sustainability of the farm. Growing produce in the appropriate region and season means it needs less resources to thrive. Polycultures are more productive and less prone to disease than monocultures. Currently, the farm has 31 different crops growing on under 2 acres. "Study after study has demonstrated that, measured in terms of the amount of food produced per acre, small farms are actually more productive than big farms." (Pollan, 2006).

Urban Oasis Hydroponic Farm is a prime example of the benefits of urban agriculture. Not only is our farm footprint small, the land is often inundated by water, sometimes up to 3 feet deep! A traditional farm would not survive the constant flooding, but because we use a vertical tower system, our produce stays up and away from the water. This means that you too can grow your own with a hydroponic system just about anywhere you've got space!

We accept SNAP benefits.